CRK Automation is a special machine manufacturing company and has been in business since 1990. Its expertise is industrial automation. CRK develops software, electrical and electronic designs, assembles command and installs machine tools. CRK Automation also provides mechanical assembly, machining, and manufacturing of special electronic devices for process control.

CRK Automation is able to develop from concept or basic design until the final match of the process. The company is responsible as well, by detailing, assembly, calibration, loop-test and monitor the system start (start-up).



Integrar e desenvolver soluções de automação industrial para gerar aumento de produtividade, superando expectativas no atendimento das necessidades dos clientes, organização e sociedade como um todo.


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  • 1990


    CRK was founded by Nestor Medeiros and Ricardo Kiszewski, in the hallway of the house of one of the partners. The main focus was the assembly of electrical panels and PLC’s programming.

  • 1992


    Electronic Products – developing some special electronic products for industrial area becomes part of the company’s activities.

  • 1993


    CRK expands its facilities. It moves to a small building in the courtyard of one of the partners.

  • 1998


    Supervisory Software – innovating in the area of industrial automation, the CRK adds another service: developing programs for the collection of shop floor data control. The partnership of CRK increases with the input of David Florindo Cardoso.

  • 2000


    New installations – CRK settles in a new building. This is 110 sqm, located in Novo Hamburgo.

  • 2002


    Images- analysis monitoring developments, the company will provide image analysis systems aimed at industrial automation.

  • 2004


    Special Machines – Encouraged by a promising market, CRK starts to invest in the manufacture of special machinery and equipment, development of automation of industrial processes, with or without robots in various segments such as: agriculture and livestock, food and beverage , automotive, construction, tannery and leather, electrical and electronic, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, petrochemical and chemical and sanitation. This event creates the need for a greater industrial area, making the company increase its building to 600m². This year is also marked by the beginning of the participation of partner Juarez Antonio Bueno.

  • 2010


    New installations – CRK Automation moves to the São Leopoldo City. This time for a building over 2000m², which provides an increase in the number of concurrent designs and the development of larger machines – which are mainly used in the fields of civil engineering, petrochemical, and gas.

  • 2016


    CRK announces the opening of a new office in the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina. Focused on commercial service and technical assistance, this office aims to strengthen the relationship with the customers in Santa Catarina and Paraná.

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