The client presented to CRK a line for electrodeposition material into cylinders for combustion engines. The process involves preparation from the workpiece to the electrodeposition in the case of chrome plating. As a result of automation and control design prepared by CRK along to the customer, the operator is responsible for manual supply of parts in devices that carry the pieces in the tanks with chemical reagents which is the preparation and electrodeposition material. The software developed by CRK controls a range of cylinders working simultaneously, each with independent process characteristics, managed through the computer interface also created by CRK to edit recipes plating.

The challenge presented two critical points: the first was the time when each cylinder model should be submitted to the chrome bath following the standard time of each model. Therefore, a process that could control the insertion and remove the pieces of dynamically tanks and respecting the revenue from each cylinder model was needed.

The second critical point was the tracking of parts produced on the line. The customer had the need to record the production time, parameters of chemical baths, temperatures, alarms that occurred during the stay of the pieces on the line. Having this data is essential to diagnose any problems of production and productivity.


CRK implemented a management system of the production line consisting of software developed in PLCs, frequency inverters and supervisory, involving wired and wireless industrial communication protocols with quality, to allow full control over the various equipment involved in the client. To allow monitoring of production and monitoring traceability was developed supervisory software using data stored in the database and collected in real time of PLCs throughout the plating process.

In addition, the CRK also offered as a solution the remote monitoring feature. This tool allowed any qualified person to obtain progress information production and take quick action before the production if necessary.

The use of the most advanced features in the automation industry enabled the CRK present the customer with a management and control system and production data of maximum reliability.


The plating process was automated and the control of each chrome piece improved. Today the client has a history of production involving all process information, human interaction and environment, can diagnose because some model malfunctioned.

Another very important result for the customer’s production, is that the operator has, through a computer screen, an overview of the whole process, to control within the plant, the creation of reports containing all of the history of help parts locate and direct the flow of the cylinders inside the factory.

The solution provided by CRK brought the following customer benefits:

– Possibility of data management
– Lifetime Control wears components
– Automation warnings to the sectors responsible for the maintenance of components and pumps, in addition to the automatic replacement of some items on the production line
Reducing the number of allocated operators, and can be reused in other jobs
– Production at lower cost

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