Perform the precise milling parts (bars), ensuring the position during the process and that would provide the parameter for different parts and adjustments according to the model. Moreover, the machine would need to be integrated with other machines forming part of a robot cell.
This need arose due to the machine used for this process does not possess such characteristics.


Build a machine that uses a milling disk with a known concept, but not used for this function, called Centering System with Floating Inflatable Adjust the head (Spindel – turret milling). The CRK applied his experience, making changes that concept in order to allow its use in solving the proposed problem.

As a further but not less important, a system was developed that follows the profile of the work piece during the milling process in order to automatically collect all the burrs generated during the process.

To enable the insertion parameters in automation and machine control, we used a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as well as a Human Machine Interface (HMI), where the operator selects the recipe (parameter sets) of the part to be milled and or creates new revenue according to need.


The full guarantee of the work piece positioning during the milling process, the collection of burrs and the ease of adjustments and creation of new parameters, caused a reduction of rework and therefore increase production.