Printing logo on the Bars

This special machine does the customer logo screen printing on Stihl chainsaw bars, which is part of the chainsaw responsible for the support and sliding of the chain that cuts the wood.

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Centering Set with Inflatable Floating – Breaking Paradigms

Using the Centering System technology with Set Inflatable Floating the head, Programmable Logic (PLC) and Human Machine Interface Controller (HMI) was possible to reduce rework and thus increase production.

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Insulating parts

Applying the resin technology and efficient temperature control in the field of ovens, it was possible to accurately protect parts of the crankshaft parts before they were subjected to the heat treatment process.

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Galvanizing process

Wireless technology has enabled durability of electrical cables in the galvanic environment. It has also developed software that secured the simultaneity in manufacturing different models. In order to provide the production history, traceability was used.

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Robot Photographer

Using a robot, an industrial camera and software could ensure the standardization of an assembly line, storing images and data, and reduce recalls.

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Pallet Robot

CRK has built a robot mover to increase the distance range of the robot, when it applies the coating against wear. Moreover, the work piece has its automated axis, providing uniformity and accuracy in application of the coating

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