We provide logistic analysis, tracking parts, ergonomic studies, reducing consumption of raw material, improved productivity, use efficiency OEE indicators.

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  • OEE

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    This tool is an indicator used as the management and continuous improvement of machinery and equipment, useful to identify losses, thus reducing production costs.

  • FMEA

    Failure Mode and Efect Analysis

    Analysis of modes and failure effects is a technique that helps identify and prioritize potential failures in equipment, systems or processes. FMEA is a logical system that prioritizes potential failures and provides recommendations for actions that aim to avoid them through maintenance techniques.

  • PDCA

    Plan - Do - Check - Act

    It’s a tool that assists in the organization of the implementation of improvements process, giving a guideline for the conduct of such projects / process. It is also used for planning tests to obtain information about a process, prior to the implementation of an improvement.

  • Kaizen

    Continuous Improvement System

    The Kaizen search tool for improving troubleshooting information, within the range of management tools is considered one of the most important in strategic business vision.


    Production Flow Control

    Kanban is a method of industrial organization, dedicated primarily to the containment and reduction of all types of waste in production areas and materials in companies.

  • JIT

    Just in time

    It’s  a production management system that provides that nothing should be produced, transported or purchased before the exact time. It can be applied in any organization to reduce inventory and costs.

  • 5S

    Organization and Methods

    Recommended for companies of all sizes, this tool brings together the technical concepts clearly and serves for the entrepreneur to develop a consistent practice focused on the order of the workspace. The 5S technique, meeting the Japanese Seiri, Seiton, SEISO, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, mean sort, organize, clean, standardize and maintain.

  • LEAN

    Lean Production

    This tool is focused on reducing the seven types of waste (overproduction, waiting time, transportation, over-processing, inventory, motion and defects). By eliminating such waste, improves the quality and production time and cost decrease.

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