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  • TPM

    Total Productive Maintenance

    It’s an effective tool in the pursuit of zero loss. The profitability increase happens by eliminating failures due to equipment failures, reducing the time spent preparing the equipment, maintaining the machinery speed, eliminating short breaks and improving the final product quality.

  • RBI

    (Risk-Based Inspection)

    It’s a process of identification, evaluation and mapping of industrial risks (caused by corrosion, for example) that can compromise the integrity of both the pressure equipment and structural elements. RBI addresses risks that can be controlled by appropriate analyzes and inspections.

  • MTBF

    (Mean Time Between Failure)

    This tool indicates the reliability of a product or a repairable system. It measures the rate of random failures excluding systematic failures, excluding wear and tear.

  • MTTR

    (Mean Time to Repair)

    This tool provides the average time needed to fix a faulty component and / or device and resume production.


    (Failure Mode Effect and Critically Analysis)

    The tool helps to map and prioritize chronic breaks and potential of equipment.

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